If you have clicked on this page, you may be searching for information on couple therapy with your spouse or partner.

You will find answers to some of your questions. Why start couple counselling?  What are the benefits and what happens during sessions?

A healthy relationship contributes to the well-being of each of the spouses/partners as well as the family members. At times, lack of understanding around day-to-day matters can alter the relationship, communication becomes difficult and spouses/partners grow apart.

Couple therapy offers a safe space to define issues and expectations; it provides impartial support in the couple’s quest to solve problems and resume a healthy development of the relationship.

To benefit from a therapeutic space where conflictual or delicate issues are addressed with the guidance of a therapist/counsellor; to ease the tensions that arise with difficult issues and restore healthy communication dynamics.

Couple therapy is available to all couples, whether married or not, co-habiting or not, homosexual or heterosexual.

Examples of subjects that can prompt couples to seek counselling :


⋅ Life as a couple

Our relationship has been difficult since we moved in together.
We are more like flatmates than a couple.
We find it difficult to share chores and manage our budget.
Our cultural differences are a source of problems in everyday life.
I’ve had to give up my social life since we are together.
We live in different places and are experiencing difficulties as a result of the distance.
We don’t do anything together anymore and my partner does not pay me any attention.
I don’t know how to talk to my partner about our sex life.
I would like a child and my partner doesn’t want one.


⋅ Family relationships

The birth of our child completely changed our relationship.
Relations with my family-in-law are conflictual.
We are worried about our child/teenager.
We are worried about retirement.
We are moving overseas.


⋅ Conflict resolution

We are no longer able to communicate without arguing.
I feel completely transparent.
I no longer dare to raise certain subjects with my spouse/partner.
How can we carry on together after betrayal?
Family rows are too frequent.


⋅ Separation, divorce, blended families

Can we still save our relationship?
I am worried about my /spouse/partner’s reaction if I mention a separation.
We want to get divorced and would like it to be as healthy a process as possible.
How do we protect our children in this process?
How can I find a comfortable role in our blended family?


⋅ Health, illness, bereavement, unemployment

Nothing is the same between us since…
What can I do to support him/her through this ordeal?
He/she is depressed and it’s affecting our relationship on a daily basis.


⋅ Physical/verbal abuse

Physical or verbal abuse in our relationship must end.
He/She has become abusive and I don’t know what to do.

The first session allows partners/spouses to raise issues the couple is facing as well as voice their expectations. The main objectives of the therapy are then discussed and defined with the therapist.

At the end of each session, the couple and the therapist decide when to meet again. The number of sessions varies depending on the context and the couple’s expectations.

The attendance of both partners/spouses is necessary in a couple therapy framework.

However, either partner/spouse may attend on his/her own for a first session.

Each session costs CHF 140.-.

Payment should be made in cash at the end of each session.

⇒ Make an appointment by phone on 021 711 31 30 or by e-mail laure.zanchi@gmail.com